Transportation Procurement: Manage Costs and Drive Carrier Relationships with BravoAdvantage

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For transportation, traditional procurement approaches often fail to adequately support business goals.   Since transportation often has large spend, capacity constraints, and diverse stakeholder requirements, mistakes can be costly. Companies need more than a simple price leveraging tool focusing on short term results

Instead, companies require innovative techniques to manage costs and maintain critical carrier relationships to drive value in their organization.

In order to drive greater value across the entire business, procurement requires a solution that streamlines and integrates complex sourcing activities to obtain end-to-end visibility into total spend, supplier performance and risk management.

Solve Real World Transportation Procurement Challenges with BravoAdvantage

“We use the BravoSolution Sourcing Suite as the standard tool for all sourcing activity for every project, across the entire programme and across the whole of Crossrail. Like other big projects, Crossrail is on a tight timeline, so keeping it on track and hitting targets is very important. We are under pressure to hit key milestones, while following strict compliance rules, and generate cost savings, so a consistent process is paramount. The software helps us make efficiency gains and provides us with a robust system with which to accurately track and monitor progress.”

-Paul Darlington, Procurement Manager | Crossrail

BravoAdvantage for Transportation

BravoSolution brings significant value to transportation and logistics organizations with:

  • Consolidated view of overall spend and performance
  • Deeper understanding of carriers’ network strengths and weaknesses
  • Flexible integration with shipper systems including TMS, ERP and others
  • Superior level of carrier / shipper collaboration
  • Robust investigations into mode economics
  • Expressive carrier proposal collection

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With BravoAdvantage, transportation procurement organizations can support business growth, profit and margins by helping to improve the quality of products while reducing costs, increase global leveraging initiatives, develop a strategic sourcing center of excellence and maintain good relationships with key suppliers:

  • Actively measure and manage spend performance
  • Proactively identify new sourcing opportunities, better manage compliance and more accurately report on savings
  • Onboard, segment and manage suppliers based on performance, risk and future development
  • Automate simple and complex sourcing events to reduce cycle times, increase, transparency and deliver faster ROI
  • Link contract performance to Supplier Value Management for a single repository for creating, storing and tracking contracts
  • Unlock massive savings in critical categories by analyzing sourcing scenarios to find the most advantageous approach
  • Buy and pay for goods and services in a simplified, paperless, and cost-efficient way

BravoAdvantage enables transportation procurement organizations to maximize savings across transportation modes, improve supplier collaboration, and monitor rate compliance, mode demand shifts, and savings to prevent value erosion.

Free Resources for Procurement and Sourcing Professionals in Transportation

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