Andrew Bartolini, Managing Partner & Chief Research Officer at Ardent Partners

The Category Sourcing Toolkit is a pack of information designed to help procurement organizations to develop their sourcing pipeline and increase savings. The toolkit was developed by the globally recognized sourcing expert Andrew Bartolini and it contains:

  • Andrew Bartolini’s research report: Keeping Score: Procurement Performance and Strategies for Success. This independent research report presents a series of recommended strategies and approaches for CPOs and procurement departments to improve their operations and their results.
  • The Catergory Sourcing Scorecard. This interactive tool will help sourcing and procurement organizations to Identify low hanging fruit or easily sourced categories, define which categories will yield the most favorable results, understand the timing and organizational impact from those categories and develop a sourcing pipeline that identifies categories and contracts to be sourced
  • The Category Sourcing Webinar: In this webinar Andrew Bartolini will walk participants through the Category Sourcing Scorecard’s design and demonstrate how to use the tool.