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RISK: The Four Letter Word Your Mother Never Told You About

This webinar will focus on the real-world lessons learned in risk management including the strategies implemented by procurement organizations for strengthening supplier engagement in order to effectively assess, monitor, manage and mitigate risk to the business.  […]

Putting Strategy into Action – A Roadmap for Procurement in 2016

This webinar will focus on the critical success factors to help you deliver successful results in 5 critical areas of procurement leadership.  Define strategies and turn them into action plans that won’t get lost in translation. […]

Five Transformative Strategies to Unlock Procurement Value

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” -Abraham Lincoln

As we head into 2016, many Chief Procurement Officers (“CPOs”) and their departments will find themselves at a crossroads, struggling to maintain their momentum while the speed and complexity of their businesses continue to accelerate. And, while the foundation of procurement’s future will be built upon the past, the strategies and approaches that drive new successes will be markedly different.

Guest Presenter | Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research Officer at Ardent Partners

Download this webinar to learn: 

Learn five key strategies that can help transform their operations
Understand what Best-in-Class procurement departments are doing to outperform their peers
Be able to develop new strategies and approaches that can help their organizations best prepare for the year and decade ahead 

How to Move from Good to Great: 10 Steps to Unlock the Power of Procurement

In recent years, procurement professionals have witnessed dramatic changes to the procurement and supplier management function. Today’s business environment demands that procurement play a more strategic role in the organization with an emphasis on “unlocking the power of procurement” in order to meet the current—and future needs—of the business, stakeholders, customers and yes, even the suppliers.

You will learn: 

Why conventional procurement is dead?
What are the top challenges driving the need for strategic procurement?
Why your suppliers need to be at the center of your procurement process?
How companies today are going from good to great strategic procurement by leveraging an integrated, collaborative procurement platform?

Supercharging Category Management: Free Yourself from Siloed Sourcing

By framing categories holistically and flexibly you can find new ways to model and manage supply markets to extract more value out of the supply chain.