Using the integrated platform provided by BravoSolution, Helvetia is now able to manage supplier relationships across all procurement processes, from the selection process and contract assignment to performance assessment.

The insurance company has recently created a new Purchasing Management Office for its Italian Headquarters, involving the redefinition of roles and activities and the introduction of a digital platform offering a supplier portal, the Sourcing System for quotation and estimate management, Vendor Rating and the contract archive. These integrated solutions have created a “virtuous digital circle” that embraces the entire process.

A structured purchasing process, managed by a digital platform covering supplier qualification, requests for quotations and estimates, performance assessment and a digital contract archive: this is the reality today at the Italian headquarters of Helvetia, the international insurance group with a Swiss identity and operations primarily in central and southern Europe, which has seen significant evolution since 2013 of the Purchasing Management function, with the introduction of an integrated digital approach to replace widespread use in the past of spreadsheets, email and paper documents.

In parallel with the development of the Italian branch and growing awareness that purchasing is an extremely important cross-company process…



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