Case Study: Hanover Housing

Hanover is one of the UK’s leading providers of affordable housing and services for the over 55s. Founded in 1963, it manages approximately 19,000 properties in over 600 locations.

The sourcing challengeWhile Hanover’s investment in housing and services for the over 55’s was good news for the aging population, the organization’s quick growth caused new pressures on the procurement team and challenged the sourcing systems that were in place. Hanover’s procurement team faced two primary challenges:

  1. An inefficient, paper-based procurement model. Hanover’s sourcing process was manual. Buyers had to rely on email, fax and post to advertise bid opportunities and communicate with suppliers. This made the process resource intensive.
  2. Transparency and governance mandates. Hanover Housing Association is an Industrial & Provident Society with Charitable aims, and procurement had to meet public-sector reporting and audit standards. Because Hanover’s sourcing process was completely manual, and supplier communications and event organization’s information was scattered across the procurement department, the reporting mandates put significant stress on the organization.

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