BravoSolution-ISM: P2P Best Practices for Generating Business Value

During this webinar, Al Jacobs, P2P expert with BravoSolution, provides insight into BravoAdvantage Procurement, a powerful automated purchasing solution, and provides P2P best practices for generating business value.

Implementing SRM: Does your organization have what it takes?

By David Atkinson

My interest in SRM goes back many years, in particular my experiences in aerospace and automotive. A specific feature of those two sectors is that suppliers are usually selected very carefully, because switching mid-program can be expensive, hugely time-consuming, and sometimes feels close to impossible (regulation and custom and practice in safety-critical industries can […]

The Petroleum Institute

Learn how The Petroleum Institute, a world-class engineering university, transformed a manual, time-consuming procurement process into a fully-implemented, fully-automated system, linking it to their existing ERP solution for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

If Procurement Was A Movie Title

By Andrea Brody, Chief Marketing Officer at BravoSolution
Procurement processes today are vast, complex, critical and strategic – and they tell a very compelling story.

If your procurement story was a movie, what would it be? This was the question we posed to our BravoSolution team. We got some very creative responses, ranging from the Titanic to […]


Location: Chicago, IL

Key Responsibilities:

• Develop excellent relationships with existing customers, demonstrating a full understanding of their business needs and their projects requirements, deliverables and expectations.
• Develop strong customer relationships along with an ability to easily convey the use of BravoSolution technology and services offerings.
• Analyze and fully understand the customer’s procurement procedures to identify where BravoSolution’s offering can be best implemented.
• Communicate authoritatively (both verbal and written) through various media to deliver presentations, project plans, product demonstrations, written proposals and specification documents.
• Contribute persuasive and convincing business case arguments and proposals to project teams.
• Demonstrate good working knowledge of:  Strategic sourcing process.  Spend analysis, business case development and associated data analysis.  Supplier sourcing and analysis.  Full eSourcing solutions.  eAuction delivery.
• Train and support internal and external users on BravoSolution offerings.
• Make recommendations to customers on ways in which their sourcing process can be made more efficient and cost effective.
• Support customers through full implementation of BravoSolution offerings including requirements gathering, system configuration, services delivery and training. • Advocate with customers to increase their acceptance and usage of BravoSolution’s technology and services.
• Up to 50% travel within the US with the possibility of occasional International travel.


Procurement’s Transformation: From Chief Penny Pincher to Chief Partner Officer

By Andrea Brody, Chief Marketing Officer at BravoSolution

Ten to 15 years ago, procurement was still fighting for organizational significance. Seen strictly as cost-cutters, CPOs lacked a true role at the board level, reporting to either the Chief Technology Officer, Chief Engineering Officer, Chief Operating Officer, or the Chief Financial Officer. The function didn’t have a […]

On Demand: Real World Procurement Series | Creating Transparency in the Supply Chain to Reduce Risk

In this webinar, Executive Director of the Supply Chain Resource, Robert Handfield, discusses how procurement can work with stakeholders to create shared values around working conditions and embed them in the supply base.

How to get started with source-to-pay

Tom Pellescki, VP, Consulting and David Englebert, Director at BravoSolution

Your organization made the decision to implement a full end-to-end procurement platform – congratulations, this is a smart move that will enable your team to deliver more value for the business. Now that you’ve pulled the trigger on a source-to-pay (S2P) solution, what’s next? How do […]

The Power of Government eProcurement

By Andrea Brody, chief marketing officer of BravoSolution
The City of Chicago recently caught the attention of many in the procurement community when it announced an expansion of its eProcurement platform, which will streamline purchasing across all governmental agencies in Chicago and offer more services to vendors and user departments. In doing so, Chicago is shifting […]

Transforming Procurement in the Oil and Gas Industry

Learn how an independent oil and gas company achieved structure and visibility in the procurement function, improved management and compliance for complex contracts, and the ability to track spending history and effectively budget.