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Public Sector Procurement Gains Transparency & Efficiency with BravoAdvantage Procurement Software

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With ever-changing legislation, new directives, reduced budgets and cost pressures making public sector procurement more complex, the need to drive overall performance and transparency while reducing unprecedented cost savings has never been greater.

Public procurement organizations must not only focus on cost savings, but focus on continued value creation, innovation, risk mitigation and resource optimization. The top performing public procurement organizations continuously look for ways to be more effective and cost-efficient. These organizations:

  • Invest in centralized processes and technologies to enable a consolidated view of overall spending, performance and quality
  • Improve collaboration with their suppliers to deliver the right outcomes at much lower cost
  • Evaluate how savings can be generated through the contract life, not just at contract award time
  • Streamline procurement processes –by ensuring category of spend has its own sourcing approach and bidding strategy.

BravoAdvantage public sector procurement software provides key capabilities to drive complete transparency, develop organizational excellence, minimize risk and influence innovation with:

  • Registration, posting and review of public opportunities, including supplier registration of interest and public opportunity searches
  • Envelope-based scoring for formal supplier communications
  • Auction & negotiation capabilities to improve transparency
  • Bid and sealed bid management capabilities with supplier visibility settings, anomalous offer verification, certified emails and consortium management
  • Comprehensive audit trails, process reporting and other related transparency controls required for traceable supplier communications

Utilize BravoAdvantage public sector procurement software to increase spend and supplier visibility, full process transparency, drive supplier collaboration, and maximize spend.

Free Resources for Public Sector Procurement and Sourcing Professionals

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BravoSolution Public Sector Customer Showcase:

Public sector procurement clients include central and local government and government entities in Canada, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Kuwait, New Zealand, Mexico, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates and the US. Some clients include the UK Government, Netherlands Government, Mexican Government – Secretaria De La Funcion Publica – Compranet, New Zealand Defence Force, Spanish Ministry of Defense-Ministerio De Defensa, Banca d’Italia, Poste Italiane, SAE – Service des achats de l’Etat, Dubai Government and Ontario Ministry of Government Services, as well as many others.

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