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A standard request of today’s procurement organizations is to deliver savings. Unfortunately, not all procurement organisations are able to track their planned and realized savings. Just ask your CFO and she or he will quickly state, “If you can’t see it, you can’t measure it, and you can’t recognize it as savings.” Savings tracking is vital to procurement success, credibility and recognition in any organisation; savings tie immediately into the organization’s financial results. Without savings tracking, procurement is mediocre at best and unable to show basic value contribution.

Equally important is having the right savings tracking technology partner to help deliver more savings. In February 2017 Gartner, Inc. released their latest Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Applications. BravoSolution was positioned in the top quadrant as a top procurement technology vendor for the fourth straight report (2010, 2013, 2015 and 2017), and was among the most highly-placed vendors for both its “completeness of vision” and “ability to execute.”

With BravoSolution as their technology partner, clients utilize the most advanced capabilities with BravoAdvantage, the world’s strategic procurement platform.

BravoAdvantage Savings Management provides organisations with a clear picture of how much of their targeted savings are actually realized. The tool reports on any variances from the sourcing plan—including deviations from contract terms or disparities between forecasted and actual spend volumes—to help identify any issues that may have negatively affected organisational savings.

BravoAdvantage Savings Management delivers value to your organization with:

  • Objective measurement of procurement value contribution
  • Cooperation with cross-functional teams
  • Transparency and optimization of working capital, cost reduction/avoidance, cash flow optimization
  • PBIT/P&L impact, capex/opex concepts
  • Reduction/avoidance of savings erosion

Don’t let another day go by without applying BravoAdvantage Savings Management in your organisation to stop savings leakage, meet your savings forecast, and achieve results.

BravoSolution Procurement Software Divider Track Savings

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