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BravoSolution Procurement Software Procurement-Analytics-Report-RC Whitepapers

Procurement Needs Better Analytics to Help Demonstrate Value

BravoSolution commissioned a study conducted by Forrester Consulting to survey 150 procurement, sourcing and finance professionals around the world ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Hackett-RC-report Whitepapers

Digital Transformation Reduces Strategic Sourcing Costs and Cycle Times by 30%

In this report, The Hackett Group shares the results of their 2017 Sourcing Cycle Time and Cost Measurement Study
BravoSolution Procurement Software 5-Ways-RC-Post Whitepapers

P2P: Five Ways To Maximize Value from Procure-to-Pay Implementations

This briefing paper looks at purchase-to-pay (P2P) implementations and key points to consider to maximize the value that can be obtained from such ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software eAuctions-Resource-Centra Whitepapers

Harnessing Supplier Competition For Your Advantage: eAuctions Make It Happen

This whitepaper examines the role eAuctions play in a procurement practice and offers practical, actionable insight into how to succeed when running ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software S2P-Guide-Resource-Centre-1 Whitepapers

Six-Step Quick Guide to Getting Started with Source-to-Pay

When an organization is planning for implementation of a full end-to-end procurement platform, whether source-to-contract or source-to-pay, how do ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software IT-Guide-RC-Image3 Whitepapers

IT Guide to Procurement Digital Transformation

Procurement digitization and digital business transformation are key enablers to help world-class procurement organizations deliver value by ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software How-Governance-of-Data-RC-Image Whitepapers

How Governance of Data & Technology Drive the Intelligence Spectrum in Supply Chain & Procurement

This first annual procurement data governance survey is an early attempt to find the prevalence, maturity, expectations and direction of data and ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software The-Do’s-and-Don’ts-RC-Image2 Whitepapers

Active Spend Analysis | The Do’s and Don’ts

Spend analysis is a powerful asset for procurement and any other internal stakeholders that need a better understanding of where the organization’s ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Gartner-Resource-Centre Whitepapers

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Application Suites

Learn why BravoSolution is an industry leader and read the Gartner research report to review the results
BravoSolution Procurement Software ERP-Whitepaper3 Whitepapers

Top 10 Reasons Why ERP Fails Procurement

Constrained budgets, leaner work forces, do-more-with-less, and the necessity to report on value contribution are all increasing the need for ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Little-Data-Problems-RC-Image Whitepapers

Big Data Spend Analytics

Many manufacturing and distribution companies are wrestling with the enormous challenge of Big Data, trying to turn mountains of data into actionable ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Spend-Matters-Resource-Center-Featured-Image Whitepapers

Spend Matters Reviews BravoSolution

This report provides an in-depth analysis and technology review of the entire BravoAdvantage integrated, strategic procurement platform  
BravoSolution Procurement Software Procurement-Value-Resource-Center-1024x384 Whitepapers

Procurement Value & How to Prove It

Procurement value is something worth proving This whitepaper looks at how procurement can forecast, track, communicate and realize the benefits and ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software POC-Checklist-RC-Image Whitepapers

How to Run an Effective Proof of Concept When Evaluating Procurement Technology

The procurement technology market can be daunting With a plethora of options available – on premise, cloud, point solutions and full-suite ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Contract-Management-1-RC-Image Whitepapers

Contract Management: Parts 1-3

In this 3-part whitepaper series, Spend Matters UK Managing Editor, Peter Smith, explores the concepts and key opportunities of contract managment ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Supplier-Scorecards-RC-Image Whitepapers

Creating Effective Supplier Scorecards

Supplier scorecards are considered a basic tool in the supply management toolkit When developed as a part of an integrated supplier performance ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Next-Level-Supply-Management-RC-Image Whitepapers

Taking the First Step on Your Next Level Supply Management Journey

This whitepaper defines a basic 3-tier maturity model that an organization can use to figure out where it is on the maturity curve and what it needs ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Top-10-Technologies-RC-Image Whitepapers

Top 10 Technologies for Supply Management Savings

The average company is sitting on a goldmine of untapped savings opportunities that it fails to realize because it doesn’t even know about the ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software 5-Customer-Resource-Center Whitepapers

5 Ways to Tell if Your Procurement Team is Customer Centric

In this whitepaper we take a look at 5 ways you can identify if your procurement team is customer centric and explore the steps your organization can ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Infographic-Featured-Image Whitepapers

INFOGRAPHIC | How Procurement Can Enable Enterprise-Level Digital Transformation

The way procurement is delivering services is changing Is your procurement organization leveraging technology now to prepare for the future
BravoSolution Procurement Software Top-Tips-Resource-Centre Whitepapers

Top Tips to Help IT Evaluate Procurement Suite Technology

It’s crucial to select the right procurement suite for your organization This whitepaper discusses the common areas that are overlooked by ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Infographic-Post Whitepapers

INFOGRAPHIC | 10 Reasons Why ERP Fails Procurement

This infographic highlights how strategic procurement software can drive quicker turnarounds and foster better communication between an organization ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Infographic-Post2 Whitepapers

INFOGRAPHIC | The Procurement Conundrum

In this infographic you will learn about balancing a diverse web of stakeholder interests and how to make sense of complex spend management
BravoSolution Procurement Software To-Bid-Resource-Centre Whitepapers

To Bid or Bust: Best Practices for Asking RFP Questions

To do eSourcing efficiently requires a different way of looking at things In this whitepaper, you will learn 8 best practice tips to consider that ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Next-Gen-Supplier-Resource-Centre Whitepapers

Next Generation Supplier Management

Learn more about the five principles that define next generation supplier management: value-focused, collaborative, procurement, responsible, and ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Whitepapers_The-9-Habits-of-Highly-Effective-Procurement-Organizations Whitepapers

Global Procurement Trends | Survey Report

This report provides some valuable insight on how your peers are approaching and measuring strategic procurement within their organization
BravoSolution Procurement Software Closed-Loop-HubSpot-Footer Whitepapers

Closed-Loop Spend Analysis: Catalyst for Transformation

By Jim Wetekamp, CEO of Bravosolution Is your company sitting on a goldmine of untapped savings opportunities This whitepaper will ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software AMER_2016_WP_World-Class-Public-Sector_E_Banner Whitepapers

World Class Public Sector Organizations Leverage BravoAdvantage to Unlock the Power of Procurement

This whitepaper discusses how Public Sector organizations around the world leverage the capabilities of BravoAdvantage to help them unlock the ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Amer_2016_RC_Image_WP_5-Procurement-Mistakes Whitepapers

5 Common Procurement Mistakes that Leave Value on the Table

 At no other time have procurement organizations been in the position they are today – with immense opportunity to move beyond cost-control to ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software RC-4-Levers Whitepapers

Four Value Levers of Procurement

This BravoSolution eBook provides an at-a-glance look into how you can deliver more value to the business through the four value levers of ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software RFP_Toolkit Whitepapers

Top Tips to Make Your Procurement Suite RFP Stress Free

In this toolkit, Top Tips to Make Your Procurement Suite RFP Stress Free experts will focus on how to find the right procurement suite to meet the ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Ardent_Partners_Whitepaper Whitepapers

Taking eSourcing to the Next Level | Ardent Partners & BravoSolution

“Sourcing teams that leverage eSourcing software optimization generate savings rates that are on average 10% higher”
BravoSolution Procurement Software 20-Rules-for-Better-Supplier-Relationships Whitepapers

20 Rules for Better Supplier Relationships

Relationships require work After all, no pain, no gain And this not only applies in our personal lives, it applies in business as well When it comes ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Spend_Report_Whitepaper_Banner Whitepapers

Spend and the Art of Cost Reduction

According to a 2016 survey from Deloitte, three quarters of CPOs cite cost reduction as a strong priority for 2016 Since procurement budgets continue ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Suppliers-Center-Organization-Whitepaper-1 Whitepapers

Putting Suppliers at the Center of Your Organization

Suppliers are essential to the success or failure of many organizations So how do you get the most from them Traditional procurement processes ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Driving_Lasting_Savings_Resource Whitepapers

Drive Lasting Savings with Spend Compliance

Spend Compliance Analysis: A Missed Opportunity Life as a Chief Procurement Officer is challenging, and never more so than in the current climate ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Leapfrog-Resource-Website-Whitepaper-Banner Whitepapers

Leapfrog the Competition by Transforming Your Supplier Relationships from Tactical to Strategic

By Thomas Kase, VP of Research, and Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer, Spend Matters Doesn’t that title make it sound so easy Don’t be ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Navigating-Resource-Website_Whitepaper_Banner Whitepapers

Navigating the Path from Tactical Procurement Analytics to Strategic Supply Analytics

By Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer, Spend Matters Spend visibility is foundational to any procurement transformation because to better manage ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software How_to_Justify-Resource-Website-Whitepaper-Banner Whitepapers

How to Justify Spend Analysis to Finance/IT When There’s No Clear ROI

By Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer, Spend Matters Analytics are all the rage And spend analysis is Procurement 101 So, getting some ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Success_Whitepaper Whitepapers

7 Reasons Why Projects Succeed

If you are a procurement change agent, this is the resource for you! Based on results from the most recent release of the Best Practices in Change ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software 01_Quick_Wins_Procurement_Leader Whitepapers

Quick Wins for the New Procurement Leader

In this briefing paper, we look at why it is important for new procurement leaders, in whatever leadership role they hold, to focus on demonstrating ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software New-Approaches-to-Negotiation Whitepapers

New Approaches to Procurement Negotiation

By Peter Smith, Spend Matters UK “Factors such as priming, anchoring and risk attitudes can play a serious role in how we behave in negotiations ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Five-Steps-Resource Whitepapers

Five Steps to Improve Communication with Suppliers and Stakeholders

Procurement teams are under more stress than ever before  Budgets and employees are stretched to their limits, forcing everyone to move quickly and ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software 9-Habits-Resource-Centre Whitepapers

The 9 Habits of Highly Effective Procurement Organizations

There’s a well-kept secret fueling the profitability and growth of the world’s most successful companies, and it exists within your company, too ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Moving-Procurement-Resource-Centre Whitepapers

Moving Procurement to a Vital, Relevant and Valuable Function

Is Procurement relevant and vital to your business Does Procurement contribute value beyond merely placing purchase orders and expediting purchases ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Supplier-Diversity-Resource-Centre Whitepapers

Is Supplier Diversity a Shell Game?

Greg Thomas, Vice President at BravoSolution US Leverage diversity programs to maximize business growth and procurement performance Procurement is ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Whitpaper-Ten-Steps1 Whitepapers

10 Steps to Unlock the Power of Procurement

Learn the ten critical steps required to move beyond conventional procurement to the next generation of “unlocked procurement” in order ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Whitepaper-Free-yourself-from-Siloed1 Whitepapers

Supercharging Category Management: Free Yourself from Siloed Sourcing to Unlock Breakthrough Value

By Spend Matters and BravoSolution This isn’t just any old research paper This is an entire ebook chock full of value-unlocking category ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Whitepaper-Procurement-of-the-future1 Whitepapers

Five Transformative Strategies to Unlock More Procurement Value

By Ardent Partners and BravoSolution The current generation of procurement professionals has witnessed first-hand a period of unrivaled advances for ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software 02_Conflict_Minerals Whitepapers

Conflict Minerals: A Bloody Sourcing Risk

Blood diamonds may get Hollywood attention, but it is the sourcing of lesser-known natural resources, known as conflict minerals, that fuel civil ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software 03_Role_In_Procurement Whitepapers

The Role of Procurement in Delivering Improved Company Valuation

Improving an organization’s procurement brings benefits far beyond saving money or raising quality standards It can dramatically improve the ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software 04_Three_Occasions_Procurement_Spend_More Whitepapers

Three Occasions When Procurement Should Spend More

Procurement and senior executives who manage procurement are often overly fixated on savings and unit cost reduction This is not only short sighted; ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software 05_Security_Ability_Change Whitepapers

Our Only Security is Our Ability to Change

Change can be daunting; it’s riddled with risk and challenges Yet, it is our ability to change and innovate that offers our only security to ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software 4-Ways-to-Improve_Resource-Center-1024x384 Whitepapers

4 Ways to Improve Retail Supply Chain Performance through Cost Savings

By Chris Horacek, Vice President at BravoSolution Brick-and-mortar retailers are fighting an uphill battle Thankfully, there is some good news: some ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software MRO-Soucing_Resource-Center-1024x384 Whitepapers

MRO Sourcing Strategy Content Pack

By Jason Busch, Executive Editor at Spend Matters We know MRO can be a major headache But with so much money on the table, the opportunity to drive ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Bridging-the-Gap_Resource-Center-1024x384 Whitepapers

Bridging the Gap between Procurement and Finance

Bridging the gap between procurement and finance is the easiest, most effective way of driving organizational growth This whitepaper will show you ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Whitepapers_Changing-Roles-of-the-Procurement-Leader-The-Analytical-CPO Whitepapers

Procurement Leaders: The Analytical CPO

Peter Smith, Chief Research Officer, Spend Matters UK The business world constantly changes, so procurement leaders have to change with it Whilst ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Category-Sourcing-Toolkit_Resource-Center-1024x384 Whitepapers

Category Sourcing Scorecard – Interactive Tool

Andrew Bartolini, Managing Partner & Chief Research Officer at Ardent Partners If you are looking for a standardized and proven category ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software Market-Informed-Sourcing_Resource-Center-1024x384 Whitepapers

Market Informed Sourcing

By Peter Smith, Managing Editor at Spend Matters UK & Eurpoe Procurement expert, Peter Smith, discusses how advanced sourcing tools can release ...
BravoSolution Procurement Software eSourcing-Adoption_Resource-Center-1024x384 Whitepapers

eSourcing Adoption Measurement

By John Shaw, VP of Customer Success at BravoSolution You are a seasoned leader in the rapidly maturing field of strategic sourcing and your ...