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Computer Peripheral Company Improves Decision-Making With Business Intelligence

Learn how this global computer peripheral company improved their supplier performance and value management over a two-year period, exceeding their ...
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Sourcing and Procurement Transformation: Multinational Medical Manufacturer Gains Unprecedented Business Value

Learn how this multinational medical manufacturer completely transformed their procurement narrative over a twenty-year period, and how ...
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On Demand: BravoSolution & ISM | 6 Key Steps to Help You Get Started with Source-to-Pay

During this on-demand webinar, Dave Englebert, Director of Value Engineering, BravoSolution discusses the importance of a fully integrated ...
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Digital Transformation Reduces Strategic Sourcing Costs and Cycle Times by 30%

In this report, The Hackett Group shares the results of their 2017 Sourcing Cycle Time and Cost Measurement Study
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Harnessing Supplier Competition For Your Advantage: eAuctions Make It Happen

This whitepaper examines the role eAuctions play in a procurement practice and offers practical, actionable insight into how to succeed when running ...
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On Demand: Real World Procurement Series | Sourcing Optimization: Understanding the Process and the Benefits

More and more companies are using sourcing optimization approaches and software, with considerable success As computing power increases, the ...
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To Bid or Bust: Best Practices for Asking RFP Questions

To do eSourcing efficiently requires a different way of looking at things In this whitepaper, you will learn 8 best practice tips to consider that ...
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Top Tips to Make Your Procurement Suite RFP Stress Free

In this toolkit, Top Tips to Make Your Procurement Suite RFP Stress Free experts will focus on how to find the right procurement suite to meet the ...
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Taking eSourcing to the Next Level | Ardent Partners & BravoSolution

“Sourcing teams that leverage eSourcing software optimization generate savings rates that are on average 10% higher”
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On Demand: Real World Procurement Series Global Webinar | Driving Value from your Sourcing Process

The sourcing process sits at the heart of procurement That means finding the right suppliers, running competitive processes, negotiating and ...
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On Demand: Supercharging Category Management: Free Yourself from Siloed Sourcing

By framing categories holistically and flexibly you can find new ways to model and manage supply markets to extract more value out of the supply chain
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Strategic Sourcing With BravoAdvantage Sourcing

BravoAdvantage™ Sourcing enables you to work collaboratively to build, issue and evaluate strategic sourcing events via a secure online solution ...
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Supercharging Category Management: Free Yourself from Siloed Sourcing to Unlock Breakthrough Value

By Spend Matters and BravoSolution This isn’t just any old research paper This is an entire ebook chock full of value-unlocking category ...
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Conflict Minerals: A Bloody Sourcing Risk

Blood diamonds may get Hollywood attention, but it is the sourcing of lesser-known natural resources, known as conflict minerals, that fuel civil ...
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MRO Sourcing Strategy Content Pack

By Jason Busch, Executive Editor at Spend Matters We know MRO can be a major headache But with so much money on the table, the opportunity to drive ...
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Category Sourcing Scorecard – Interactive Tool

Andrew Bartolini, Managing Partner & Chief Research Officer at Ardent Partners If you are looking for a standardized and proven category ...
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Market Informed Sourcing

By Peter Smith, Managing Editor at Spend Matters UK & Eurpoe Procurement expert, Peter Smith, discusses how advanced sourcing tools can release ...
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eSourcing Adoption Measurement

By John Shaw, VP of Customer Success at BravoSolution You are a seasoned leader in the rapidly maturing field of strategic sourcing and your ...