By Andrew Bartolini, CPO Rising | January 28th, 2015

Recently, the analyst team at Ardent Partners sat down with BravoSolution’s President and CEO, Jim Wetekamp, Vice President of Global Marketing, Andrea Brody, and Chief Strategy Officer, Florian Winterstein, for an overview of the company’s recent performance and a detailed discussion of the latest release of BravoAdvantage, the company’s solution suite. Readers may recall that in June, BravoSolution first went to market with BravoAdvantage, which we covered in an article (BravoAdvantage: Taking Sourcing and Supplier Management to the “Next Level”). Today’s article follows up to our initial coverage, including what features and capabilities Bravo has added to the platform, and offers some insight into the company’s Q3 year-over-year performance and a roadmap for 2016.

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