Leading Utility Construction Firm Drives Organizational Growth with Strategic Procurement Partnership

CHICAGO (July 7th, 2016) — Henkels and McCoy Group, Inc., a leading utility construction firm providing critical infrastructure for the power, communication, gas and oil markets, has partnered with BravoSolution, the global strategic procurement solution provider, to drive organizational value and growth through procurement. Henkels and McCoy, a BravoSolution partner for the past three years, deploys the full BravoAdvantage product suite and relies on BravoSolution’s services team to support savings initiatives, supplier onboarding, contract management and company-wide adoption of procurement best practices.

“As an engineering procurement construction (EPC) contractor, procurement isn’t just a function within our business, it’s a critical component of our overall corporate strategy,” said David Harrison, strategic sourcing and supply chain management executive at Henkels and McCoy. “When we began our initial procurement transformation process, we decided to build the function from the ground up. To be successful, we needed a technology and team that understood our business and could align procurement with our organization’s objectives. BravoSolution proved to be a trusted partner and has helped us grow our procurement team by more than 300 percent in three years.”

Henkels and McCoy uses the BravoAdvantage product suite to uncover new savings opportunities and automate key steps in the purchasing process, making everything easier, faster and more effective for the internal team. BravoSolution’s consulting and advisory support services have helped Henkels and McCoy advance its procurement maturity by providing support in driving procurement best practices throughout the organization.

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