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Healthcare Procurement Professionals Manage Inefficiencies and Complexity with BravoAdvantage Procurement Software

Today’s healthcare organizations face an increasing number of challenges.  Treatment advancements, technology innovations and government regulations are driving growth, but the pressure to reduce costs and improve patient health and safety is escalating. Growing populations are increasing demand for health services, but aging populations are forcing health payers to make difficult decisions. In order to respond to these market forces, healthcare procurement organizations must move beyond traditional procurement practices of the old and move into strategic procurement of today.

That’s why the best run healthcare procurement organizations partner with BravoSolution healthcare eProcurement to deliver more value by sustaining cost savings, leveraging supplier relationships to get more value from the supply base, reducing risk and influencing innovation.

The BravoAdvantage Procurement Software suite enables a cycle of visibility, collaboration and development throughout your healthcare procurement process and includes:

  • Actively measure and manage spend performance
  • Proactively identify new sourcing opportunities, better manage compliance and more accurately report on savings
  • Onboard, segment and manage suppliers based on performance, risk and future development
  • Automate simple and complex sourcing events to reduce cycle times, increase, transparency and deliver faster ROI
  • Link contract performance to Supplier Value Management for a single repository for creating, storing and tracking contracts
  • Unlock massive savings in critical categories by analyzing sourcing scenarios to find the most advantageous approach
  • Buy and pay for goods and services in a simplified, paperless, and cost-efficient way

BravoSolution has the healthcare procurement expertise working with healthcare organizations to manage inefficiencies, complexity, change and misalignment.

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