March 2016

Is Your Procurement Career at a Tipping Point?

The procurement profession has moved on in recent years. A key finding of the recent Deloitte Global CPO Survey 2016, is the continued issue around “securing, retaining and training the right talent pool, where 62% of CPOs don’t believe their teams have the skills to deliver the function’s strategy.” That could be you they’re referring […]

December 2015

Characteristics of Best-In-Class Procurement Teams

Recently Andrew Bartolini of Ardent Partners presented a webinar titled: 5 Transformative Strategies to Unlock More Procurement Value. The webinar shared data from an Ardent Partner’s report that was the culmination of the responses of more than 300 Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) and other supply management leaders that have the pulse of the modern business […]

Leaders Link Spend with Sourcing Process

Earlier this week I enjoyed a great presentation and discussion with Andrew Bartolini of Ardent Partners. Andrew presented a webinar titled, 5 Transformative Strategies to Unlock More Procurement Value. The webinar shared data from a report by Ardent Partners. The report was the culmination of the responses of more than 300 Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) […]

Chipotle: Lessons Will Bring New Standards

All it takes is one snafu and bingo, your business can be impacted by something way off the radar. I listened intently this am as Steve Ells, CEO of Chipotle, was interviewed by Matt Lauer regarding Chipotles link to human illnesses. The company Ells founded, is proud of and loves, is in the midst of […]

Supply Chain Risk Q & A

A few weeks ago BravoSolution sponsored a webinar on Risk Management in the Supply Chain. We received a quite a few questions but ran out of time on our webinar. Over the next three weeks, we will answer the questions in detail.

Question 1: How seriously do CEO’s in large companies promote a risk management policy […]

Dear Santa, All I Want For Our Business this Christmas is Technology….

All I want for Christmas is…? When you fill in the blank, what is it? When you put your business hat on, what goes in that space? I would love to hear your requests. Email me at m.northrizza@bravosolution.com. In my recent conversations with procurement professionals I found technology was at the top of the requests.


Most […]

Unlocking the Power of Procurement: Disruption Why, What and Not Self Centered

We posted four quick hit advice articles focused on promoting procurement success and cultivating internal advocates:

1. Unlocking the Power of Procurement: Disrupt the Status Quo & Change Internal Perceptions
2. Unlocking the Power of Procurement: Set Realistic Value-Oriented Goals
3. Unlocking the Power of Procurement: Language Matters- It’s All about Value
4. Unlocking the Power of Procurement: Create […]

Unfair Labor Practices: Nine Steps to Improve Visibility and Compliance of the Supply Base

The United Nation’s International Labor Organization estimates 21 million people globally are trapped in forced labor, generating at least $150 billion of illegal profits in the farming, fishing, mining, construction and sex industries. Government regulations are here to help prevent unfair labor practices. Unfortunately it isn’t an easy issue. Due diligence regulations are skyrocketing across […]

November 2015

Holiday Time is Here – Christmas Tree Shopping is Changing…or is It?

Thanksgiving is now past for 2015. The football games from Thursday thru Sunday are done. The Christmas and holiday shopping season are now upon us. Tired of the TV, radio and other content ads yet? Get ready, it is only just beginning! And it is only November 30th.

Christmas Trees

I heard over the weekend that more […]

Eating Turkey? Say Thanks This Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 26, is Thanksgiving in the US. It is the time of year we celebrate our thankfulness for the first Thanksgiving, celebrated by the Pilgrims in the New World in 1621. It is a time to gather with family and friends, count your blessings and celebrate life.

Thanksgiving dinner has also become a tradition in […]