March 2017

Real World Procurement Series | Is An Integrated Source to Pay Solution Right for You?

In this on-demand webinar, procurement expert Peter Smith, explains exactly what is meant by ‘Source to Pay’ software and looks at why it is gaining more traction in the industry.

February 2017

Real World Procurement Series | Leveraging Supplier Innovation

To fully exploit and create an analytics culture will require an approach that leverages third party solutions. In this on-demand webinar, Dr Robert Handfield looks at how you can identify and nurture strategic relationships with suppliers to encourage knowledge sharing and innovation.

January 2017

Next Generation Supplier Management | Maximizing Value through Strong Supplier Relationships

In this webinar, procurement expert, Kristian O’Meara, SVP Value Engineering, BravoSolution, looks at the latest thinking in the area of supplier management – not just the SRM around the most critical suppliers, but the wider picture.

April 2016

Social Procurement: Sharing Is the New Best Practice

Data is king.  The internet is queen.  The cloud and our business infrastructures are the sons and daughters.  All of it is one digital family type experience that enhances our business lives because we can now bridge the gaps of information beyond function and beyond the enterprise, suppliers and customers, bringing value to all relationships.

Buyers […]