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TransGrid Selects the BravoSolution APAC Platform

PR Newswire | August 2014 

TransGrid Selects the BravoSolution APAC Platform to Support Supplier Performance Management

BravoSolution, the international leader in Supply Management software and services, today announces that TransGrid has selected the BravoSolution Platform to enhance the organisation’s supplier performance management processes.

TransGrid will use the platform to assist in managing suppliers through performance monitoring, assessment and […]

The Problem with Maturity Models in Procurement

Supply Chain Brain | June 2014 

We’re all familiar with maturity curves, but how helpful are they really? Telling a company how mature they are, based on academic factors, means next to nothing if it’s not rooted in practical applications that relate to a procurement professional’s day-to-day work.

As an analyst, I know the benefits that maturity […]

Staying Afloat

Supply Chain World | June 2014 

It’s no surprise that brick-and-mortar stores have been suffering a slow decline for years.  Recently, Radio Shack announced that it will be closing more than 1,000 stores.  Staples: more than 200.  Increased competition from online retailers means less foot traffic and revenue, making it more difficult to justify expansion and […]

Apple Reports on Its Sources of ‘Conflict Minerals’

Wall Street Journal | May 2014 

Apple Inc. said it believes most of its sources of four minerals associated with war-torn parts of Africa comply with standards designed to prevent money from going to violent militia groups.

The consumer electronics giant, one of many companies subject to a June 2 deadline to file reports on what are […]

Three Ways to Fight Back Against Rising Costs

Chain Store Age | May 2014 

American shoppers are in a sea of sticker shock. Rising retail prices are dominating store shelves and in turn, are hurting consumers’ wallets. Food prices have been hit especially hard — skyrocketing by more than 4% in February alone, which represents the biggest jump in more than two years.

With consumer […]

Spend Matters 50/50: BravoSolution – A Provider to Know

Spend Matters | April 2014 

Many providers focused on purchase-to-pay or supplier network connectivity tend to dismiss the stuff that occurs before (or after) the transaction as less important. But nothing could be further from the truth. Sourcing, spend analytics, and supplier management (including supplier performance management) are fractal in the level with which they scale […]

Grocers’ Price Conundrum: Charge More of Defray Costs

Progressive Grocer | April 2014 

Today’s grocers have reached a crossroad.  The cost of core products – like fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat – continue to rise, but consumer discretionary incomes aren’t keeping pace.

How much of a price increase should grocers pass along to consumers?  Raising prices too high and for long periods of time could […]

Three Must-Dos for Procurement in 2014

Supply Chain Matters | March 2014 

We’re almost through the first quarter of the year, can you believe how time flies? It seems like just yesterday we were making our new year’s resolutions and sifting through predictions of what 2014 would hold for us. I won’t ask about your commitment to the gym, but I did […]

A Final Conflict Minerals Obstacle Awaits: Form SD

Compliance Week | March 2014 

So much work has been put into vetting suppliers and assessing products for compliance with new conflict minerals disclosure requirements that many companies may not have yet fully considered the actual filing protocol that is the end game for those supply chain reviews.

When companies do crack into the Securities and Exchange […]

Noted Survey: Challenges for Procurement Teams at Mid-Market Firms

Supply Chain Matters | February 2014 

Members of the supply chain management and B2B community are literally bombarded every day by user survey results.  The reasons are many and unfortunate, since by our view, surveys have become too excessive. They are driving survey fatigue and more importantly, drowning out the surveys that provide the most insightful […]