December 2017

Procurement Unplugged Q&A: Procurement Planning for 2018

During the latest BravoSolution Real World Procurement Series webinar focused on “Procurement Planning for 2018,” Guy Allen, Managing Director at Real World Sourcing, initiated ideas which all procurement professionals need to start thinking about for approaching the new year. Guy provided recommendations on how to assess your past year’s results and how to advance them into tangible […]

November 2017

Procurement – Of Course It’s Value …

By Peter Smith, Managing Director Spend Matters UK/Europe

One of the advances in terms of procurement thinking in recent years has been the general understanding and acceptance that the role of procurement goes far beyond cost and savings, and is fundamentally about value. Procurement’s role is to manage (in some sense) the organization’s third party spend in a […]

Don’t Think Procurement Plays a Role in Defending the Corporate Brand? Think Again.

By Andrea Brody, chief marketing officer at BravoSolution

If procurement leaders don’t realize they have significant responsibility to protect the corporate brand, they should watch the latest documentary from a German broadcasting station which uncovered cruel labor and animal welfare practices in the making of major ingredients in Haribo gummy bears. The investigation is called Markencheck […]

Investing in Procurement with Digital Transformation

By Andrea Brody, chief marketing officer of BravoSolution
Organizations are aggressively implementing new technologies to streamline processes and increase efficiency, but one department is treading behind: procurement.

The Hackett Group’s Sourcing Cycle Time and Cost Measurement Study, which surveyed procurement professionals from a variety of industries, shows that for every $1 billion in spend, companies have an […]

Procurement Unplugged: Achieving Digital Transformation & Why Procurement Needs to Invest Now

By: Andrea Brody, Chief Marketing Officer, BravoSolution

Did you know that companies devote an average of 16 full-time staff to the sourcing process for every $1 billion in spend? In The Hackett Group’s latest 2017 Sourcing Cycle Time and Cost Measurement Study, their research confirmed the reality that teams are stretched thin, and that half of […]

2018: A Casserole of Chaos

By Guy Allen, Managing Director, Real World Sourcing Ltd.

Outside of wartime, it is difficult to think of a year that represents greater uncertainty than 2018 is likely to deliver. Brexit, the Trump administration and Catalonia’s campaign for independence represent a trinity of turmoil that challenges the relatively stable progress of Western liberal democracy and commerce (and all […]

October 2017

Procurement Unplugged: Expert Answers for Achieving Strategic Cost Management

By: Andrea Brody, Chief Marketing Officer, BravoSolution
Strategic cost management requires organizations to think systematically about the sources of cost, identify non-value added costs, and establish targets for continuous cost reduction. It assumes that costs are driven by “friction” that exists between buying companies and their suppliers. In addition, it also assumes that an open approach […]

Procurement Unplugged: Supplier Relationship & Value Management

Do Procurement Professionals Really Have What It Takes To Be Successful?

By: Andrea Brody, Chief Marketing Officer at BravoSolution

Managing suppliers and deriving value from those relationships is one of the critical strategies required in every procurement organization. Supplier relationships affect not only the ones in procurement, but everyone in our organizations. That’s why supplier relationship and […]

Savings: Looking Beyond Cost Reduction

Strategic cost management is a comprehensive, cross-enterprise initiative to systematically identify sources of waste in the supply chain, spanning new product development, purchasing, materials management, logistics, and customer-defined product attributes.

It requires that organizations think systematically about the sources of cost, identify non-value added costs, and establish targets for continuous cost reduction that create incentives for […]

Geopolitical Risk: North Korea Threatens the Global Electronics Supply Chain

By Jim Wetekamp, Chief Executive Officer of BravoSolution
On September 3rd, North Korea made its sixth nuclear test, the first of a thermonuclear variety and just the latest data point in a timeline of incidents that have significantly escalated tension with the United States. North Korea’s fourth nuclear test in 2016 set off mounting concerns of […]