Delivering Value to Supplier Relationship Management

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Procurement departments are increasingly being challenged to expand and better understand their supplier communities. While supplier expansion can lead to a more diverse range of potential providers, Procurement teams which are already operating at maximum capacity may shy away from the challenge of vetting, approving and monitoring all of these new suppliers and thus miss significant opportunities.

With BravoAdvantage Supplier Value Management you are able to proactively monitor every relationship by using comprehensive scorecards and advanced risk management techniques to give you the information you need to react quickly to changes before they impact your bottom line. With real-time visibility of every interaction across your entire organization, you can confidently  mitigate risk and improve compliance throughout the complete strategic procurement process.

BravoSolution an Industry Leader with BravoAdvantage Supplier Value Management

“BravoSolution has made SRM the center of their toolset, which is spot-on given where the industry is heading. The primary focus for procurement groups for the next decade will be supplier relationship management. BravoSolution is ahead of the pack in providing a tool that can help companies develop comprehensive best-in-class SRM programs. The right technological solutions will ensure compliance with the organization’s supplier management vision. It provides visibility, allowing senior level decision-makers access to actionable information quickly and ease the administrative burden that comes with managing suppliers. It eliminates risk and provides truly global views of supply side relationships.”

-Brad Carlson, Director of Supplier Relationship Management | SourceOne

BravoAdvantage SVM Product Overview

BravoAdvantage Supplier Value Management:

  • Supplier onboarding – streamlined assessment process to ensure registered suppliers meet requirements
  • Supplier qualification – capability assessment for business principles, category, process and technology.
  • Segmentation and risk management – segment your supply base by category, risk and performance management to track supplier performance over time
  • Development and innovation – supplier development through improvement action plans
  • Supplier 360° end-to-end visibility – supplier information in a single integrated database across the entire procurement proces

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