Potent Spend Analysis Powers BravoSolution Spend Management Software

BravoSolution Procurement Software Divider Spend Analysis | BravoAdvantage
BravoSolution Procurement Software cde44e44-df01-4f04-9833-43049d479904 Spend Analysis | BravoAdvantage

Most companies are missing significant savings opportunities across their organization because the data is often located in multiple systems and category classifications across disparate parts of the organization.   Unfortunately many procurement departments lack the resources, time and technical expertise for optimized spend analysis and spend management, to thoroughly consolidate and analyze their spend data.

BravoAdvantage™ Spend Analysis software enables you to consolidate your data in a single place and in an easy-to-understand format which allows you to unlock hidden savings. BravoAdvantage Spend Analysis provides the procurement intelligence you need to lower costs and improve organizational efficiency, fully empowering your spend management.

BravoSolution Procurement Software Divider Spend Analysis | BravoAdvantage

BravoAdvantage Spend Analysis Solves Real World Spend Management Challenges

BravoSolution Spend Analysis tool allowed us to gain the 100% visibility on our European spend in few months [….] The supply management process has been already digitalized years ago using BravoSolution procurement technology. Extraordinary opportunities have been uncovered…”

-Aldo Papa, Chief Engineering eProcurement Officer | Autogrill

BravoAdvantage Spend Analysis Product Overview

BravoSolution Procurement Software Divider Spend Analysis | BravoAdvantage

BravoAdvantage Spend Analysis software will improve compliance and strategic decision making based on accurate and actionable spend data aggregated from across your entire organization, and will help you:

  • Monitor spend to identify patterns on which you can act
  • Identify product and service rationalization opportunities
  • Leverage and rationalize suppliers to optimize your supply base spend
  • Capitalize on purchase price variance savings opportunities
  • Aggregate demand across your organization
  • Monitor and improve supplier payment terms
  • Maintain contract compliance by actively reviewing off contract spend

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BravoSolution Procurement Software f2e97135-fb43-4ffa-947d-25d8e3e55f8e Spend Analysis | BravoAdvantage

If you lack spend analysis in your organization, you are missing a tremendous opportunity to identify and drive total cost savings and take advantage of untapped opportunities throughout your organization’s eProcurement.

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BravoSolution Procurement Software a4aa6d47-6b32-4cbf-b632-d17135e1b612 Spend Analysis | BravoAdvantage
BravoSolution Procurement Software 126671d1-7706-44f0-9d61-caea1e55d961 Spend Analysis | BravoAdvantage