Procurement Invoice Management from BravoAdvantage Transforms Accounts Payable into a Streamlined and Focused Operation

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Manual invoice management processes are labor intensive and time-consuming. They can lead to late payments, missed discount opportunities, and unhappy suppliers. Automating invoicing processes enables AP to increase savings and promote supplier relationships by managing supplier invoices quickly, securely, and in a compliant manner.

BravoAdvantage Invoice Management Software optimizes the financial value of Accounts Payable to an organization by automating the invoicing process which improves buyer/supplier relationships, reduces transaction time and cost, and improves visibility into cash management.

BravoSolution Invoice Management Software Streamlines Accounts Payable and Make Paper Disappear

  • Ability to handle PO-based and Non-PO invoices
  • Electronic invoice submission and PO flip
  • Invoice reconciliation (3 way matching)
  • Exception disposition processing
  • Dynamic approval workflow rules
  • Advanced reporting
  • Integration with Accounts Payable
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BravoAdvantage Procurement Invoicing Software Overview

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Features of our Procurement Invoicing Software include:

  • Invoice Receipt – invoices can be received automatically from BravoAdvantage Procurement, entered online, or via electronic format (XML, EDI, Excel).
  • Invoice Matching – automated 3-way match of the order, receipt, and invoice. Exceptions are quickly identified and presented to the user for resolution.
  • Approval – automated approval workflows for matched, unmatched and invoices pending resolution.
  • Payment – upon invoice approval, the invoice is sent to preferred payment service.

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BravoAdvantage Invoicing features enable you to improve invoicing costs, align procurement and AP, and integrate payment to complete the procure-to-pay process.

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