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Integrated Strategic Procurement Software Platform

Procurement doesn’t operate alone. It is part of a value chain that is responsible for delivering financial performance, protecting the brand and ensuring customer satisfaction. That is why your strategic procurement software platform should also not operate alone. If procurement technology and processes are not fully integrated into the processes of the corporate value chain, then procurement can’t deliver and demonstrate its true value.

An integrated strategic procurement software platform delivers:

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Actionable insights: to drive & support strategic business decisions

Collaboration: to manage & nurture internal & external relationships

Process efficiency: by embedding procurement workflow into the entire value chain ecosystem

Cross-enterprise performance management: to anticipate new opportunities or avoid unexpected risk or disruptions

BravoAdvantage integrates every phase of the upstream and downstream procurement processes, while integrating into the rest of the business and across the entire value chain.

“Supplier at the Center” Foundation

At the core of the BravoAdvantage procurement software platform is its supplier at the center foundation that integrates supplier lifetime value throughout the entire procurement process. It is this foundation that enables procurement to have true end-to-end visibility and insight to make better business decisions at the time the decision needs to be made.

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Built-in Social Collaboration

BravoAdvantage utilizes key aspects of social collaboration to simplify, improve, and humanize the communications and interactions that are critical to all procurement processes. Key features include:

BravoSolution Procurement Software Social_Icon_1 The BravoAdvantage Procurement Software Platform    Creating a Personal Experience – Customized dashboards, user controlled lists and self-service capabilities that enables users to inject their own personality directly into the solution by adding profile picture and other personal information

BravoSolution Procurement Software Social_Icon_2 The BravoAdvantage Procurement Software Platform    Communicate Beyond Simple Collaboration – BravoAdvantage facilitates communication between buyers and supplier by embedding messaging in every event. It also enables buyers to create team spaces and forums to discuss evolving topics in real time, ensuring critical communications are not lost

BravoSolution Procurement Software Social_Icon_3-1 The BravoAdvantage Procurement Software Platform    Procurement without Borders – Social procurement means geographically dispersed users are able to interact with one another at the point of demand – directly alongside where they are working on their events. BravoAdvantage brings procurement communities together which allow business users greater access to information about suppliers, but also benefits suppliers by lowering the communication barriers thus empowering them to consider process improvements or innovations

Flexible, Secure and Scalable

To truly support the needs of the enterprise, your procurement software platform must be flexible to adapt to changing market conditions and technology landscape, be secure and reliable and be scalable to grow as your organization grows. BravoAdvantage offers:

  • Multiple deployment options including SaaS/cloud, hosted, on premise, mobile and hybrid
  • A procurement dashboard offering end-user self-servicing capabilities, analytics, reporting and an end to end view of the procurement process
  • An integrated, collaborative suite for category management, supplier intelligence, governance, and demand to contract
  • A robust integration layer offering web services and APIs to ensure seamless integration into other applications
  • Accreditations such as ISO27001, SAP integration certification, Interteck, and others
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Back-office Integration

BravoAdvantage has a robust integration layer that:

  • Is built with leading technologies supported by a robust suite of standardized integration web services
  • Is configurable to ensure it operates seamlessly alongside your existing IT systems
  • Offers complete control as each integration is developed within a standard framework, avoiding the expensive costs of customized solutions
  • Grows as you grow because the frequency and depth of each integration can be adjusted over time
  • Is reliable because the integration capabilities carry the same service levels and high availability measures that our customers have come to expect from all of our solutions
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BravoAdvantage Mobile

Your business does not stop when you are away from your desk and BravoSolution wants to ensure that you can access your procurement data anywhere and at any time.

BravoAdvantage Mobile brings the power of BravoAdvantage, BravoSolution’s strategic procurement software platform, directly into your hands via any compatible device. With our dedicated app, procurement professionals can monitor and respond to important developments which impact  their procurement projects in real time.

BravoAdvantage Mobile empowers users to:

  • Access to all of their approval requests – no more waiting for approvers to be back in the office
  • Monitor the status and response rate of every active RFI and RFQ
  • Be notified of upcoming contract expirations
  • Interact with suppliers by responding directly to their queries and posting important event updates

BravoAdvantage Mobile makes your procurement software platform available anytime, anywhere, from any compatible device.

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