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When it comes to your largest and most complex categories, advanced techniques may be required to solve your sourcing challenges and deliver the value you seek.   BravoSolution can help you tackle challenging spend areas that have the following characteristics:

  • Large category in terms of spend, items and/or suppliers
  • Strategic to the business
  • High stakeholder interest
  • Supply base complexity
  • High risk potential

Analysis that Empowers

Optimization-based scenario generation enables you to handle much broader and deeper analysis which immediately changes the definition of the opportunity:

  • Source more subcategories, business units, geographies at once
  • Invite more suppliers
  • Allow more proposals
  • Study related supply chain behaviors

The speed and power of optimization is liberating and enables you to dramatically change your proposal collection approach.

Look Beyond the Traditional RFP

BravoSolution can help you gain insights by considering the RFP as a marketplace study designed to reveal supply options beyond what a traditional price-focused RFP can deliver.   BravoSolution has a variety of techniques which can be applied to your most challenging categories:

  • Efficient data collection – one group of techniques are geared toward minimizing inputs. This is accomplished by collecting each piece of data at the right level so that it only has to be communicated once rather than multiple times throughout the process.
  • Proposal generation – in many cases proposals are automatically built from sets of price input which exponentially increases the number of proposals you can generate
  • Expressive proposal – each supplier gets the benefit of putting forward an array of proposals instead of trying to guess which one or two might make the most sense for the buyer

By utilizing Advanced Techniques, BravoSolution can help you address a variety of opportunities including:

  • Desire for price transparency (clean sheeting, should cost) within the sourcing event
  • Desire to consider numerous alternatives and substitutes (cross-referencing)
  • Handling complicated capacity limitations (tooling, machine, facility, etc.)
  • Sourcing an entire value chain or Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Beyond Sourcing (Demand Management, Replenishment, and Component Rationalization)
  • Retail Category Management
  • Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) modeling

If you have a particular strategic and complex category which requires Advanced Techniques, click here for more information >>

BravoSolution Procurement Software Divider Advanced Techniques

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