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What Makes a Best-In-Class Procurement Operation?

While there’s no secret formula for building a best-in-class procurement operation, procurement’s ability to impact the business and create sustainable, differentiating value depends greatly on the technology, people, relationships and processes in place.

Supply management research firm, Ardent Partners recently conducted a survey looking deeper into the traits and characteristics most […]

“Explain procurement to me and convince me how much it matters…”

Procurement organisations need a solid reputation to prosper. A reputation for managing costs, managing risks, and managing governance because issues are exposed and exploited faster today than ever before, thanks to advanced communication and social media.

But, as you know, that’s not all procurement organisations do and doesn’t cover the range […]

Stakeholder Engagement: Moving Beyond Cost-Cutting to Value Creation

In a recent Deloitte CPO study, 74 percent of procurement executives said supporting enterprise-level cost reduction efforts was a top priority in 2016. However, more than 60 percent also said they felt their teams didn’t have the skills needed to achieve the desired results.

What’s a procurement leader to do? Visionaries […]

More choices for customers: Integrated source-to-pay offering with existing solution partners

Last week, BravoSolution announced the acquisition of Puridiom – a provider of on demand procure-to-pay solutions.  As indicated in the press release, this acquisition formulates the next step in BravoSolution’s journey to offer a single-provider, fully integrated source-to-pay solution to the market.

We’ve recognized a growing segment of the market that […]

BravoSolution Buys Puridiom: What this Milestone Means for Customers

We have exciting news to share: After a long, thorough and extensive search for the perfect partner, we have officially acquired Puridiom, a privately-held on-demand procurement and AP solutions company. This acquisition is a key part of our strategic plan to become a global source-to-pay solution leader with dedicated procure-to-pay […]

Sourcing Optimization Approaches and Techniques that Unlock Hidden Savings

Over the past decade, global connectivity, supply chain complexity and the pace of business has continued to accelerate, forcing sourcing teams to adapt to stay competitive. This shift, coupled with increased workloads and stagnant internal resources, have stymied the capacity, agility and performance of many internal procurement teams.

Without the time […]

Strategic Sourcing: Think it’s hard and complex? Think again…

Procurement professionals are continually asked to find new ways to generate value, cut costs and make their organizations leaner and more efficient. While somewhat effective, the majority of procurement organizations are still leaving a lot of value on the table since they take a tactical and transaction approach to sourcing.

Consider […]

General Motor’s Smart Move: No More Squeezing Suppliers on Cost

Last month’s news from General Motors (GM) that it will work more closely with 400 of its part suppliers on cost and delivery terms deserves a long and hearty round of applause. Known for its “tough” negotiations with suppliers, the announcement represents a courageous change in strategy for the automaker, […]

How To Reflect On Your Procurement Journey … And Plan Its Future

Procurement professionals are instrumental in solving increasingly significant challenges, locally and globally. In our recent Real World Procurement Series Webinar titled From Graduate to CPO: Leadership Career Building in Procurement, Craig Lardner FCIPS outlined his journey from graduate to CPO. With 20 years as a CPO and spend responsibility of $5,000 per minute, non-stop, […]

To EU or Not to EU: That is the Question

Unless you’ve been living in a nuclear bunker, or camping out in very remote woodland, you will have heard about a certain EU Referendum taking place on the 23rd of June. There has been a lot of discussion about this in the press on both sides of the argument, but for this article we’ll be taking a step back and looking at it from a certain point; what effect will this have on the procurement professionals of the UK Public Sector? […]