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Winter is Coming: Game of Thrones Battle Strategy for Procurement Pros

By Andrea Brody, chief marketing officer at BravoSolution

Season 7 of Game of Thrones is underway. And for procurement pros, the hit show serves as much more than much-watch TV – it offers a detailed roadmap and battle plan for unlocking the power of procurement. Here’s what you need to know:

“I drink, […]

What Your Procurement Vendor Should Provide to You Beyond Normal Classroom Training

By: Aisha Fairfax, Global Education Manager at BravoSolution

Classroom training for procurement project success is just a single step on the path to achieving positive business objectives; it is not the beginning nor the end.

ProSci, a change management research firm, developed an intuitive change management approach referred to as the ADKAR […]

Choosing a Strategic Procurement Platform: What IT Should Know

By Andrea Brody, chief marketing officer at BravoSolution

An integrated procurement approach – backed by strategic procurement technology that automates and digitizes key outputs – is foundational for financial and operational success.  Given the competitive benefits to the entire organization – which include offering teams more ways to save, reduce risk […]

The Five SRM Killers

By David Atkinson

Barely a week goes by without yet another story in the press of failures of suppliers to provide goods and services to a standard set out in the contract. We also hear of supermarkets, defense contractors, building firms, public sector purchasers who fall below the standard of expected […]

IT’s Role in Procurement Digitization

By Andrea Brody, chief marketing officer at BravoSolution

Procurement leaders today are expected to be a jack-of all trades – delivering value across every business unit, and contributing to every strategic objective. Digital business transformation makes this possible, but procurement needs IT’s help to get to procurement digitization.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise […]

What Does Amazon’s Whole Foods Acquisition Mean for Retail Procurement?

By Andrea Brody, chief marketing officer of BravoSolution

Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods Market for a whopping $13.7 billion sent shockwaves through the retail industry. In an era where online shopping is now the norm, traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are constantly forced to find new ways to stay relevant. This acquisition only […]

Procurement Technology: Don’t Settle for Best-of-Breed or Best-of-Suite. Consider “Best-of-Choice.”

By Andrea Brody, chief marketing officer of BravoSolution

The best-of-breed vs. integrated solution battle has been ongoing for years. Back in the day, buyers were forced to choose between stand-alone systems that specialized in one area of procurement or an integrated system that offered modules for each function, but with varying […]

Procurement’s Newest Mandate: Mastering Data Governance

By Andrea Brody, chief marketing officer of BravoSolution

Procurement teams today have access to more information and advanced analytics than ever before. Just think about how far we’ve come: we used to make supply chain decisions based on instinct and data captured in BASS (also known as big-ass spread sheets), but […]

The Call for In-Year Savings

By Guy Allen

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, as we approach the middle of the year our thoughts start to turn to summer, all those great events we can enjoy in the glorious sunshine. It is also often the time of year when we get a call from […]

Can Source to Pay Be Adopted In A Skeptical Environment?

Did you know you can manage your suppliers, contracts, invoices, and aligned procurement requirements on one platform?

Do you want to find out more about how source to pay can save you money by helping you make better decisions?

Many organizations still use outdated platforms that slow down the entire procurement process. […]