Procurement professionals are instrumental in solving increasingly significant challenges, locally and globally. In our recent Real World Procurement Series Webinar titled From Graduate to CPO: Leadership Career Building in Procurement, Craig Lardner FCIPS outlined his journey from graduate to CPO. With 20 years as a CPO and spend responsibility of $5,000 per minute, non-stop, for 20 years, he provided an illuminating and insightful journey through the world of procurement.

Over the course of his presentation, Craig outlines six key factors in developing procurement leadership success:

  • Set a vision
  • Create a strategy to deliver it
  • Execute careful decision-making
  • Obsess about teamwork
  • Become a black-belt in risk management
  • Celebrate success

Aligning your ongoing professional development with key leadership capabilities, such as those outlined in this webinar, are certain to pay dividends for those intent on becoming true agents of change.

And, as Craig pointed out, quoting a Chinese proverb gifted to him by a former colleague:

On your fast-flowing river, sometimes rest awhile and take in all that you can see.

During the webinar, Craig reflects on what he calls his ‘1994 Moment’. On reflection, he realised his 1994 moment happened only because of key events that preceded it. That moment was a springboard for everything that happened afterward.

Consequently, he has some powerful advice on how to structure your early career, and your behaviour, to develop future procurement leadership skills and competencies. When webinar attendees were asked whether they had already experienced their ‘1994 Moment’ the response was 50/50, suggesting many interesting procurement journeys are already underway, and others now know what to look for. The importance of recognising when it happens clearly struck a chord with listeners, forcing them to reflect on their own procurement achievements and ambitions.

Want to learn how to reflect on your procurement journey effectively? Gain a better understanding of what Craig means by each of the 6 key factors outlined above and how they might help your career.

In response to his presentation, Craig also answered several questions from the audience, even setting some homework! You can download the slides and watch this recorded webinar here>>